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Stained, chipped, pitted pool plaster



Finished pool with Easy Pool Renew system


Finally a durable alternative to pool plaster that cost less, up 65% less in fact. Easy Pool Renew is a proven swimming pool plaster renewal system for all existing marcite, plaster, cement and gunite pools. it also excels for ponds and all other masonry water holding structures.
Easy Pool Renew is not pool paint, it is a solvent based polymer modified cement coating that penetrates deep into existing cement and plaster surfaces and cures like concrete. It is guaranteed not to peel chip or chalk like paints for 2 years.  It resists chalking better than all pool paints because of the waterproof polymer resin formulation. This unique formula blocks out all existing stains so your pool will look new again.
We also offer traditional plastering with many color choices, in addition we can complete the upgrade of your pool and deck with new tile, tile grouting, deck coating, thin pavers, railing, ladders, lights and more.
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